Star Arch

Planning a stellar event?
What about adding a star arch to make guests feel like celebrities?
The star arch is created with a sturdy steel star frame to hold the balloons in place. Then weights are laid on each end to keep the arch erect throughout the party, whether it’s indoor or outdoor.

Create a unique celestial experience by customizing its colors to match your theme, company colors, or the holidays. To level it up, you can add foil balloons, greeneries, and/or florals.

This arch can elevate any space at your event, whether you want to welcome guests in style, pin their stares to your stage, or create a fancy display at your dessert table.

For a more red-carpet feel, add a floating name arch, columns, and centerpieces to your venue. The star arch is ideal for birthdays, anniversaries, bridal or baby showers, school events, holidays, and corporate events.

Balloon decor transforms your event into something your guests will remember for a long time. And at Balloon Van Gogh, we will do everything possible to achieve the event space of your dreams. We pride ourselves on our creativity and professionalism, so rest assured we’ll deliver a
five-star experience.

Client Testimonials

Let’s hear how Balloon Van Gogh made a difference

“Leah and her team crafted a beautiful garland for my nephew Jacob's 8th birthday. My friends and family are still talking about it to this day.”

Moshe G.

“Thank you again so much for doing an awesome arrangement and working on such short notice. I would highly recommend and use again!”

Nochum R.

“Dvorah is truly an artist. Everything was done very professionally. the staff was very friendly.”

Juvy P.

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