How To Care For A
Balloon Delivery


Unless stated otherwise, our balloon deliveries are strictly indoor arrangements. They are not built to withstand wind, sun, or any of the elements. BVG does not guarantee our balloons if brought outside, even for a quick photo.


Keep balloons away from the air conditioner, heater, and direct sunlight. Balloons expand in hot temperatures and shrink in the cold. Keeping them at room temperature allows them to retain their shape and size.


Aside from same-day orders, we inflate all of our foil balloons 1-2 days in advance to ensure that there are no defects or slow leaks. If your foil balloons are shriveling, try moving them to a new spot – it’s possible they are shrinking from cold air or an AC blowing on them.


When we deliver your arrangement, we will make sure that we place them in a safe spot. If the balloons will be moved, before putting them down on the new surface, check for sharp objects and rough textures.


Keep children and pets away from your delivery. Prevent them from touching, handling, or playing with it. Each balloon is meticulously placed, and popping or removing even one balloon can alter the entire structure.


When moving the balloons, do not drag them – carefully lift them from the base, or as instructed by our deliverer, and move them to the appropriate spot. Bases are made out of balloons and if just one balloon gets pricked, the arrangement may become lopsided.


We strongly encourage you to have your balloons delivered to the place where they will live out their entire life. If you need to transport your balloons, make sure your car/van is at a comfortable temperature before putting the balloons in. Severe temperatures can alter the appearance and may pop the balloons. Please note, we do not guarantee our arrangements if they are transported from the original delivery place.

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