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At the heart of New York City’s vibrant event scene, our balloon decor services elevate any occasion, regardless of size or theme. Our team of artistic balloon decorators transforms spaces using the magical medium of balloons.

Whether you aim to draw attention to a grand entrance, a romantic sweetheart table, or an electric dance floor, we will curate a bespoke balloon spectacle that is bound to leave your guests in awe.

Arch Balloons


Balloons Backdrop


Balloon Table Runners

Table Runners

Balloon Centerpieces


Balloon Sculptures

Balloon sculptures

Balloon Garlands


Number Balloons and Letter Balloons

Numbers & Letters

Column Balloons


Custom Printed Balloons

Custom Printed Balloons

Party Poles Balloons

Party poles

Ceiling Decor Balloons

Ceiling decor

Stage Decor Balloons

Stage decor

Floor Balloons

Floor balloons

Dance Floor Decor Balloons

Dance floor decor

Themed Decor Balloons

Themed decor

Pool Decor Balloons

Pool decor

So Many Ways to

Upgrade The Celebration

From Small Events To Large Scale Over-The-Top Events, Look No Further Than BVG’s Balloon Decor Services

Balloon Decor Services

A moment that they’ll never forget

From corporate galas to intimate birthday parties, our expertise is not limited by the scale of the event. We believe that every celebration deserves a touch of enchantment. Our balloon artists, with their keen eye for color, form, and texture, weave together intricate installations that embody the spirit of your event.

Beyond simple adornments, our balloon decorations evoke emotions, trigger nostalgia, and often become conversation starters. No two designs are alike, as each is a product of our collaboration with you. With a deep understanding of the event’s essence and your preferences, we create not just balloon decors, but memories that float beyond the event, into the hearts of you and your guests.

Balloons are a great choice to celebrate:


Weddings/ Anniversaries/ Engagement

Baby Showers



Bar/ Bat Mitzvahs

Bridal Shower


Graduation Parties

Sports Events

Brand Launches

Grand Openings


Corporate Events

Upgrade Your Event with Balloons

Beyond the aesthetics, our service is defined by professionalism and a strong commitment to client satisfaction. We work closely with you, tailoring our designs to align with your vision and personal style. Our New York-based team brings more than just balloons to your event; we bring a passion for innovation and a flair for the dramatic. Using the latest techniques, our artists sculpt an unforgettable atmosphere that seamlessly integrates with your venue.

With our balloon decor services, you are not just hiring decorators; you’re engaging a creative partner dedicated to making your event unforgettable. We invite you to experience the wonder of our balloon artistry, where your dreams and our creativity meet to create something truly spectacular.

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