How To Care For And Dispose Of Event Decor


If you can’t find any place to hang your garland, you may use the provided command hooks. But use them at your own risk! Be careful to read the directions so you don’t damage the walls! Paint and wallpaper can come off if used improperly.


Do not leave decor unattended with kids or pets. If kids start touching them, stop them! These
aren’t toys!


Avoid touching and. They may look cute to touch and but– just NOPE! Touching will mark balloons and may cause them to pop.


Enjoy your balloons and, once deflated, pop and bin them. You just have to take a pin and poke them. Try doing it with your guests and have some fun!


Dispose of deflated or burst balloons responsibly. Did you know that you can even compost them?! Balloon pieces are a choking hazard if ingested.

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