How To Care For And Dispose Of Event Decor


Once we are done installing balloons, we make sure to collect any balloons that popped during setup. If balloons pop once we have left, be sure to dispose of them – especially if there will be babies/toddlers at the event. They are a dangerous choking hazard if ingested.


Do not leave decor unattended with kids or pets. If kids start touching them, stop them! You want your balloons to look perfect for the event, and unfortunately, if the balloons have been tampered with, we may not be able to return them for corrective purposes.


If you ordered bulk helium balloons to be used as ceiling decor, test one balloon on the ceiling in multiple spots before letting all of them float up.


If you ordered decor in advance for an outdoor event, keep the balloons indoors until as close to the event as possible. When bringing them outdoors, it is best to find a shaded area, especially if your balloons are not light-colored. Dark balloons in direct sunlight go pop-pop-pop pretty quickly. In general, balloons do best indoors, and as per our contract, we cannot guarantee the lifespan of balloons once brought outdoors. See our policy here.


If you did not hire us for a Strike Service (to take down and clean up your balloon decor), it is your responsibility to properly pop and dispose of them. Simply take a pin and poke, poke, poke. Try passing out safety pins to your guests and give them a try. It’s more fun than you think!


Dispose of the balloon remains responsibly. Did you know that latex balloons are biodegradable and you can even compost them?


Of course, we stand behind our product and if anything happens beyond yours and our control, we will do everything in our power to correct it in time for the event. Just give us a holler!

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