Why should you go for themed decorations?


Okay, technically, it is just one day on the calendar…but instead of taking responsibility for not sending this message on time, I’ll be sappy and say Father’s day is every day and it’s not too late for this tribute ❤️️

Really though, there’s no way a Father’s Day message could have been written on time this year. These past few weeks has been CRAZY– record-breaking-non-stop-bvg-crazy.

It’s always a challenge to celebrate the wonderful fathers I am blessed with in my life on Father’s day, with it being smack in middle of the graduation season. But now that the busiest weekend of the busiest season has passed, I can take a minute and pen my thoughts about the dads I am so grateful for. 

It starts with my dad ????

Lucky for me, I can take the easy way out here. His birthday was a couple months ago and I already described what’s so awesome about him. So copy and paste. Check it out here.

Now comes Levik. My partner in life and the father of my four-tyke brood– the kindest, most supportive and giving human I know.

In our lives, we are ever-evolving together. We love and welcome lots of change; be it the birth of new business ventures, the birth of actual humans, or some other significant life changes. When we go through all these changes, I often get to see Levik in a new light, and I can write a different tribute to him each year.

This year, I really needed to say to Levik “Happy Mother’s Day, Happy Father’s Day, Happy Husband’s day, Happy Everything day, to the man who is filling endless roles!”

He has filled so many new shoes lately. The latest hat he’s been wearing is a chef; it’s a new one for him. (I can definitely give him some direction. For example, if you are making lasagna, you do not need to make the tomato sauce from scratch and use 17 cheeses, but yo, you do you ????)

The BVG crew is set up well. We can handle huge job volume. But this month, we were *slammed* with the number of orders coming in. Plus, having consecutive days with multiple events occurring at the same time was unprecedented.

All-nighters were the norm in the early BVG days, but those days quickly became history. This month was like the beginning days of BVG. More than once, Levik asked me when I was coming home from work, and my response was “tomorrow.”

Mom guilt weighs heavy on me during these times ????

Which is why I am feeling especially grateful for Levik this month. How he has shown up for me, our household, and above all, our kids, is nothing short of heroic.

Which is why I am feeling especially grateful for Levik this month. How he has shown up for me, our household, and above all, our kids, is nothing short of heroic.

It’s the little things he did like:

  • He rented a car last week without mentioning it to me. BVG was using our minivan for deliveries too many times this month, and he didn’t want me to be stressed by him having to ask for it
  • He insisted on helping at BVG when my hours were getting way too long
  • He changed the tire on our van when we were running late and all out of (wo)man power to do it ourselves
  • He tells my kids I’m the best mama ever (what?)
  • He makes sure the kitchen is *always* stocked with my favorite chocolate when I get home. It’s this one in case you are interested. (Hint: If you want to be my friend, chocolate is my love language ????)
  • He signs in to Instagram just to see what kind of jobs I’ve been up to and to ask about them when I get home
  • And, oh, so much more

Okay definitely got lost here. How this post morphed into a Valentine’s day post instead of a Father’s day post? IDK. It’s all the same to me anyway.

I’ll wrap this up now— Happy Father’s day to the most thoughtful, involved, attentive, and loving father I could have only wished my kids to have.

The smartest decision my young and dumb 21 year-old self made was to say “I do” to this guy. I didn’t have the foresight to look for a guy who was a good dad; a good guy was good enough for me. Lucky for me, he turned out to be both – a true one-of-a-kind incredible father, who I am so beyond blessed to co-parent with.