Floor Balloons

We’re used to seeing balloons floating, but this balloon decor will change your mind. Floor balloons are a stunning addition if you are planning an out-of-the-ordinary event this year.
Often rose petals are strewn to make the venue romantic, but balloons can pull that off too! Not only that, you can have fun popping them after the event is over.

These balloons are inflated with weights inside to keep them from being blown away. And to keep them from popping too soon, be sure to keep the floor clean. Make the party crazier by adding balloon arches, party poles, centerpieces, walls, etc.

This decor is great if you want to have a surprise bridal shower, an unexpected birthday bash, an extra fun and colorful children’s party, or an out-of-the-box office game. Everyone will want to grab a balloon and toss it all around.. and then POP it!

Balloon decor can magically transform your event into something your guests will remember for a long time. And at Balloon Van Gogh, we will go above and beyond to achieve the space of your dreams.

We pride ourselves on our creativity and professionalism, so rest assured we’ll deliver a five-star experience in a timely manner. Worried about not having enough ideas? We’ve got a lot of those! Contact us today to get the party started.

Client Testimonials

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“Leah and her team crafted a beautiful garland for my nephew Jacob's 8th birthday. My friends and family are still talking about it to this day.”

Moshe G.

“Thank you again so much for doing an awesome arrangement and working on such short notice. I would highly recommend and use again!”

Nochum R.

“Dvorah is truly an artist. Everything was done very professionally. the staff was very friendly.”

Juvy P.

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