Ceiling Balloons

Why settle for the same old chandelier when you can have a full-blown balloon decor embellishing your venue?
Ceiling installations have a way of uplifting an entire room. There’s a magical feel to balloons floating in the air and adorning the ceiling. Level it up with balloon add-ons like sculptures, arches, party poles, and more to decorate other areas of your venue.

This hard-to-miss decor is a superb way to excite, entice, and indulge your guests at indoor corporate parties, birthday celebrations, holiday gatherings, and more. Guests are sure to remember your event and talk about you for weeks.

We think this decor is perfect for ceilings of hallways, dining areas, living rooms, bedrooms (if you’re surprising someone), and conference rooms. If you’re super creative, you can customize the ceiling balloons’ colors! You can try different color combinations to match your theme, company colors, or holiday.

Not only that, you can opt to add tinsel, tassels, or ribbons to create a beautiful cascading effect. Feels like walking through a literal wonderland, right?

Ceiling balloons are a perfect way to add a touch of elegance to your event. At Balloon Van Gogh, we create only breathtaking balloon decor to magically transform your space. Our talented team of designers is here to help you make your dream space happen.

Client Testimonials

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“Dvorah was such a pleasure to work with and the balloons really enhanced our party! Can’t wait to hire her for my next event!”


“Balloon Van Gogh did a balloon backdrop for my wedding ceremony. I was on the fence about doing something non conventional but I trusted Dvorah Leah and it turned out to be magnificent and one of the highlights of my wedding. Highly recommend Balloon Van Gogh”


“Thank u for the amazing balloons.. it made the entire event..was so festive and fun!! Balloon Van Gogh was a pleasure to work with , understood my vision and executed it perfectly! Thank u”

Sarah B.

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