Balloon Table Runners

These bestsellers are BVG’s first-class picks. Level up the banquet and give guests the perfect conversation starter: balloons!

Adding balloons above or on the table brings extra d-r-a-m-a and elevates the room. Now, you can say bye-bye to boring long dining tables.

Clients pick three to four color combos to match the event theme, holidays, or company colors. We add a touch of posh with chrome or metallic balloons, custom-printed balloons, greenery, or floating jumbo helium balloons.

These table runners are ideal for buffet parties, corporate dinners, galas, conferences, workshops, and more. You can also use this decor to adorn front desks, registration areas, product displays, booths, etc.

To ensure the decor lasts long after the party’s over, we create this decor using only high-quality 99% latex balloons. Not only that, Balloon Van Gogh is a Pro Environment Balloon Alliance (PEBA) member dedicated to sustainability in the balloon industry.

Our balloon experts always look for ways to help clients create memorable and stunning spaces using balloons and creativity. We have a wide range of color options and designs to make your event shine.

Every event is a chance to get creative and impact lives around New York City with breathtaking balloon creations. We believe celebrations and parties should be special, and you can trust us to make that happen.

Client Testimonials

Let’s hear how Balloon Van Gogh made a difference

“Dvorah was such a pleasure to work with and the balloons really enhanced our party! Can’t wait to hire her for my next event!”


“I hired Balloon Van Gogh to decorate my daughter’s 2nd Cocomelon birthday party with one request: I wanted it to fit the theme but not a cheesy Cocomelon character (sorry Lily) and wow they did not disappoint! It was cute enough for a little girl’s birthday party but classy enough that I would’ve been happy with the balloon decor at my (33!) birthday party. Thank you balloon Van Gogh! I will be a repeat costumer for sure.”

Musia S.

“Executed the vision beautifully, thank you!”

Perry W.

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