Balloon Centerpieces

Guests love a unique dining experience. And these centerpieces are what our repeat clients swear by.
This chic decor is our favorite way to level up the entire dining room. Placing a centerpiece on a table can make a huge difference. Who doesn’t love to be wined and dined with stunning table arrangements that make you feel special?

To make the balloon magic happen in your venue, we recommend placing one centerpiece on round tables and at least three on long tables. You can also add this piece to your main or dessert tables.

Some of our clients also use this decor on workshop or conference tables, product launch exhibits, front desks, and counters.

You can customize its colors to match your theme or add a personalized touch by adding custom prints like the company logo, the birthday girl’s name, or the holiday celebration.

We have a wide range of design and color options that will make your event shine. Our team is always looking for ways to help our clients create memorable and spectacular events using balloons.

We love challenges and chances to get creative while impacting lives all around New York City. We believe celebrating milestones and achievements should be special, and you can trust us to make that happen.

Client Testimonials

Let’s hear how Balloon Van Gogh made a difference

“My experience with Balloon Van Gogh was STELLAR from ordering to delivery! Dvorah Leah attended to every request & designed a beautiful arrangement that exceeded my expectations! Masterful!”

LLA Tamagi

“Balloon Van Gogh’s balloon artwork makes every one of my parties next-level. Dvorah is reliable and prompt, and her work and design are top quality”


“Balloon Van Gogh did a balloon backdrop for my wedding ceremony. I was on the fence about doing something nonconventional but I trusted Dvorah Leah and it turned out to be magnificent and one of the highlights of my wedding. Highly recommend Balloon Van Gogh”

Sarah Kayla

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